I made the decision to go to counselling after suffering with anxiety for many years. I had reached a point where it had consumed my life, I was unable to manage it and everyday life had become unbearable. With Caz I have been able to make sense of my feelings, and we have been able to work together in addressing the underlying issues that have affected me. Caz is very knowledgeable, but also caring, and my interactions with her have helped improve my self-esteem. As a result I have become more connected with my feelings and therefore myself. I am very happy and proud of the progress I have made. 


I came to counselling to make some real changes to my life. I think Caz gets the balance right between compassion and challenge. She is a very versatile therapist, and we have done a lot of CBT based exercises alongside counselling which feels really proactive. It feels good to be able to talk to someone like her who really listens, and can link things together for us to work on. I recommend her.


In her leaflet, Caz says that she puts the relationship between clients and herself at the centre of the work. I absolutely agree with this – I have always felt comfortable with her, and she makes me feel really at ease. I was worried about having counselling previous to being referred by my doctor, and yet Caz is far from any stereotypes I might have previously associated with therapy and counsellors. I even look forward to our sessions! I suppose I mostly appreciate her realness and honesty, which makes me feel like I can definitely trust her. 


Since having counselling with Caz I have become a lot more positive about my life. I have been seeing her for about a year, and at the beginning I was very depressed. I felt really looked after in those early sessions, which I needed because I was quite fragile. Having someone really see things from my point of view was amazing. She gently helps me work through things especially when I feel stuck. I couldn’t write this without saying that Caz also has a very good sense of humour, and I like this because it’s good to be able to laugh again. Her genuine warmth has been a blessing especially after such a difficult few years. 

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