About Me

Caz Binstead, BA; MA; Adv.Dip (Coun); Dip (Sup); MBI-TAC (MBCT)

MBACP Reg/NCS Accred Reg

I currently work as a counsellor and therapist in London, and, am also a writer.  I am fully qualified, and registered (UK register of Counsellors/Psychotherapists, professional standards), and abide by set ethical guidelines.

I also oversee the work of other therapists in my guise as a clinical supervisor, including until more recently, supervising trainees on a Bacp Accredited training course (where I originally completed my professional training).
Currently, I am enjoying giving back to my profession, within my role as Private Practice Divisional Executive at the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (Bacp). I also act as a media spokesperson for the organisation, and at times write for their publication Therapy Today Magazine (voluntary).

In addition to my private practice based in Clapham (and serving the areas of Balham, Clapham Junction and Wandsworth), I have experience with a diverse range of people in both a voluntary setting and for the NHS.  

Whilst working for the NHS as a counsellor, counselling team leader/counselling co-ordinator,  I gained plenty of experience in many areas of counselling, as well as the opportunity to work with clients from all walks of life. 

I gained further experience, previously, in other organisations, working specifically with, young people age 13-19 (at the BRIT school in London), loss and grief at a bereavement service, and in self esteem, anxiety & depression (at MIND).

I have a special interest in working with all forms of anxiety. Anxiety is a natural part of life, but for some people it can take over their lives. Anxiety disorders range from panic attacks, to claustrophobia, to OCD – to name but a few. To see more about anxiety, see:  http://www.anxietyuk.org.uk/about-anxiety/anxiety-disorders/    . Further to this, please contact me for an informal chat on how I can help.

I work in an integrative model, which means combining different elements of theory to create a unique, flexible and more exploratory way of working.  However as an integrative practitioner, I can also work in an eclectic way with the client to find suitable and comfortable techniques that most suit the person. People respond to different styles, and I am pleased to be trained in the following disciplines:

*Existential        *ACT        *Mindfulness      *CBT        *Psychodynamic        *Transpersonal        *Person-centred       *Gestalt         *TA          *MBCT        *MBSR

In addition to being a therapist, I am a writer. This keeps me happy, and motivates and inspires me. It also helps me in my work as a counsellor because I think in therapy itself, a certain amount of creativity is needed to look at and work through issues, particularly when we feel stuck or powerless. 

Because of my background in the arts, I have a good understanding of the pressures associated in a competitive world – this can manifest also in careers such as competitive sports, media and ‘city’ careers such as banking and recruitment . I can work with issues around self-esteem, perfectionism, and disappointment, as well as performance anxiety and ways to cope with this. 

 Mainly what I hope clients find in me is a ‘real’ person, who will put the relationship at the heart of the work. I am prepared to get really stuck in, and work to really see things from my clients point of view, in addition to looking at relationship dynamics. This enables serious and steady work. However, I also believe that sometimes even in what seems like the darkest times, laughter and humour can still exist, and I am not afraid to share this side of me with my clients, when it feels a natural place to do so.

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